Review Policy

I am more than happy to receive ARCs, but please keep in mind that I may not review them all. I have a very busy school life, so it may be that I don't get around to reviewing your book. I will always try to review a book, though.

I prefer to receive physical copies, although I don't mind e-ARCs. Physical copies will always have priority, though. Do note that I live in the Netherlands.

If you gift me an ARC, you can tell me what would be the best time to post my review: I will follow suit.

I accept the following genres:

- Almost anything Young Adult
- Occasionally, adult paranormal romances
- Occasionally, adult books from an author I've given at least one five-star rating

I do not accept:

- Other genres
- Thrillers/ Horror
- Comic books

If you have a book that does not fall in any of the categories listed above, you can contact me with a review request.

If you are an indie author, you may ask me to review your book, but please remember that I can decline an offer any time.

I would like to thank everyone who sends me ARCs. You are greatly appreciated!

I review honestly, so if I don't like your book, it may receive a critical and occasionally snarky review. If I do like your book, however, I can also completely gush over it.

If you would like me to review your book, you can contact me at
Please include the following in your email:
- Title and synopsis of the book
- Author
- Publisher
- Email
- A link to Goodreads and/or the official book link

Thank you!

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