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Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Now, I had a bit of trouble defining 'secondary characters' so for me, a secondary character is any character, as long at isn't the main protagonist or the love interest!

Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

1. Zuzana (Daughter of Smoke and Bone & Days of Blood and Starlight)

Zuzana is just one of the BEST characters! She's so funny and fierce and sweet. She's one of my favorite characters of all time!

2. Finnick (Catching Fire & Mockingjay)

He's just plain awesome! I really loved him, and he deserved so much more than that end *sniffles*

3. Hermione (Harry Potter, all of them)

Okay, I think she's actually one of the main characters, but SHUSH. I really loved her, and beneath all the studying she's just very strong, holding it all together.

4. Fred & George (Harry Potter)

They were simply hilarious. I loved them. So hard. (also, damn you, Rowling. Why did you do that to me!?)
(also, I'll stop listing Harry Potter characters even though they are all memorable).

5. Dee (Just One Day)

He's gay, but not stereotypical. I love him for that alone, but he's also an awesome character who really helps Allison and is a true friend.

6. The Mirror Dragon (Eon & Eona)

Okay, she doesn't exactly say much or anyhing, but I still loved her because DRAGON.

7. Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy series)

Another one of the most awesome characters of all time. Sweet, hilarious, and layered, I couldn't help but adore him and be so freaking happy he got a spin-off series.

8. Angela (Unearthly & Hallowed & Boundless)

She's smart, mysterious, and part angel. That mixture creates awesomeness.

9. Puck (The Iron King and so forth)

FUN. That's all I need to say.

10. Cecily (Sever)

I only listed Sever because that was the book in which she really stood out. I didn't really like her in Wither, but she became one of my favorite characters in Sever.

11. Lacy (Outcast)

Mean girl with depth.

And a lot more, but this is a Top Ten and I already did eleven.

I also love all animals that appear in books (Hedwig, Buckbeak (Harry Potter again), etc.), and if they die I am ANGRY and sad!! One does not simply kill off an animal.

So, what are your most memorable secondary characters? What is a secondary character to you?


  1. Harry Potter has lots of great secondary characters, I think.

    Here's my list of best secondary book characters.

    1. I think Harry Potter consists of great characters, haha!

  2. Finnick and Angela are awfully memorable, they are both epic characters.

    Fantastic post, Celine! <33

    1. Thank you, darling!

      Yes, I loved Finnick so hard!

  3. You're right -- Ron and Hermione probably count as main characters, but whatever! I included them on my list. Hagrid, too, because he's one of my faves.

    Happy TTT!

    1. I wish I could have included all of Harry Potter's characters! *sigh*

      You too :)

  4. Awesome list (and yes to all the HP characters!). Finnick and Angela almost made my list too! And while the Wither series was a little lackluster (not a fan of the love triangle in that book because Linden was too weak and the other one so boring I have literally forgotten his name) but I did like Cecily and the other supporting characters. Enough so that I continued with the series until the end.

    1. He was called Gabriel! (Although I get what you mean)

      And thank you!

  5. I agree with you on the animals dying... I hate that so much, especially when it seems just kinda thrown in *cough*Hedwig*cough*

    I love your list, I love Zuzana too... but I was trying to avoid filling up my list with characters from books I've just read, LOL... but she totally is on the list of awesome side characters.

    As for adding Hermione... honestly... the books are called "Harry Potter and the...." Harry is the main character and everyone else (even his love interests, which I love) are supporting cast.... absolutely beloved supporting cast, but supporting cast none-the-less. XD

    1. It's just cruel to let an animal die D:

      Thanks! She was awesome.

      True! I just wish I could have added the entire supporting cast, because everyone is awesome. I also feel the need to reread Harry Potter now, haha!

  6. I *almost* put Angela from Unearthly on my list, and I was really surprised I hadn't seen her on any list yet! I thought her character arc over the series was really interesting. I totally didn't trust her all through the first book, but I really liked her in the second two.

    1. Yes, I completely get what you mean! I haven't seen her on any list except my own. She was a really interesting character, always full of surprises!

  7. I think Harry potter characters prolly has the most votes. But yea for adrian too.

    1. Well, Harry Potter is awesome, so...

      Yes, I loved Adrian! One of my favorites :)


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