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Chapter-by-Chapter Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Chapter by chapter review of Of Poseidon!
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Chapter nine and ten

I'll be doing my very first chapter-by-chapter review. Yes yes, y'all. Quite obviously, since I'll be discussing each chapter in depth, there will be spoilers. Beware!

Okay, so Emma has a weird kind of stroke or something. Galen catches her, carries her to the couch, and lets her lie down on his lap. Isn't that romantic? Especially when Emma says that he can put her down and he says: "I'm not ready yet." She asks it again and he won't let her go. What the actual fuck? He's not ready to let go? Emma just almost passed out and she wants him to put her down. Maybe she wanted to lie down because it was more comfortable, or because she just didn't want him to hold her? But oh, no, he's not ready, so he won't let go. For once I actually agree with Emma:
 Then Emma wakes up, and more what-the-actual-fuckery is going on. Toraf (the unbelievable asshole that just assumes he can do anything, like the mermaid version of marrying Rayna without her knowing) and Rayna are with her. Toraf asks Emma if he can get her anything (like food, water) and Rayna asks if Emma wants a taxi. Apparently this was really rude. Okay, she could have asked it differently, but it was entirely possible that Emma wanted to go home, right? I would want to if I'd passed out and everything, actually. But no, she's being rude, and Toraf says this:
"Go to the kitchen, Rayna," he says.
'Cause that's were women belong, eh?

NO. Get out, you fucking asshole. GET OUT.

 Emma also comments on how the kitchen must me far away, because Rayna 'stomps for a good five minutes'. Excuse me? Do they live in an effing palace? Five minutes is a long time to get from point A in a house to point B. A long, long time. In fact, I sincerely doubt there are any houses of normal or even big proportions that would have a room so far away. The only reason the kitchen would be a five-minutes' walk away would be if they did, in fact, live in a castle/palace. However, I'm sure Emma would've remarked on the fact that they live in a castle, and she didn't, so I'm going to assume they live in a normal house. Am I nitpicking? Totally, but this actually does bother me.

Hmm, actually nothing offending happens in this chapter. It's possible! Emma and Rayna get into a fight because of Rayna being rude (except this time she actually was), and it takes up pretty much the whole chapter. They get into the water, Emma feels weird, and Galen says that it's time for her to know her secret. Then he takes off into the water, taking Emma with him. DUN DUN DUN. That's where the chapter ends. So really, I don't have much to say about it. But I guess all the ranting about chapter 9 was plenty, so there you go. No angry rants come with this chapter!

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