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Chapter-by-Chapter Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Chapter by chapter review of Of Poseidon!
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Chapter three and four

I'll be doing my very first chapter-by-chapter review. Yes yes, y'all. Quite obviously, since I'll be discussing each chapter in depth, there will be spoilers. Beware!

I splash enough water in Chloe's face to put out a small house fire. I don't want to drown her, just exfoliate her eyeballs with sea salt.
I know, our dearest Emma is just being 'funny', but she really irks me. In fact, this quote is pretty  accurate in terms of my feelings for the protagonist so far. She's just funny-not-funny and annoying. Sigh. I hope it'll get better, but somehow, I doubt it...

And back to the black best friend, who I actually sort of liked. But here we go, she's pretty stereotypical already. Only talking about sex, fake nails, etc. Guess what just happened? SHE GOT EATEN BY A SHARK. RAGE. The only good thing about this book so far, the only diversity, GOT EATEN BY A SHARK. It's official. I hate this book.

A Galen-POV chapter again, which means that I immediately dislike it. It just feels so incredibly unnatural, like the author is talking to little kids or something. "Galen doesn't have time to wait for any adolescent savior." "Galen stops." Et cetera. I mean, is it just me or does this sound like a little kid's bedtime story?

This chapter also brings on the insta-love again. Galen sees Emma's friend being eaten by a shark, and the only thing he can think of is how "breathtaking" Emma is.

Breathtaking? Rayna's right - you've lost your mind!

At least he's right about that.

When we're a little farther into the chapter, Emma's snowflake-ness is being established. She just told the shark to go away  and it listened to her, which completely baffled Galen. Oh yes, Emma's so very special (and just like every other special-snowflake YA heroine).

The chapter ends with Galen considering to kidnap Emma. All in a joking manner of course, but that isn't the kind of stuff you joke about. Just the fact that he thinks about it sort of creeps me out.


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