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Chapter-by-Chapter Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Chapter by chapter review of Of Poseidon!
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Chapter five and six

I'll be doing my very first chapter-by-chapter review. Yes yes, y'all. Quite obviously, since I'll be discussing each chapter in depth, there will be spoilers. Beware!

(Can you tell I'm having fun with fonts, by the way? Because I am. Very much.)

I'm pretty surprised: this chapter is actually decent! Emma is grieving Chloe and feels pretty numb. It's actually sort of believable, and no rage-inducing things happened. But - and this is an important but - Galen goes to the same school as Emma. He has the exact same classes. And he, of course, is staring at Emma all throughout class. And, of course, the teacher told him to sit next to Emma for the rest of the week (at least). How very surprising. As soon as Galen sits down next to Emma, she feels tingles. While I know it's probably some kind of mermaid we-can-sense-each-other thing, it's remarkably close to insta-love. Of course, Emma also has problems concentrating on the class because of Galen's nearness. Now, and this is an actual, serious questions, have any of you ever experienced that? Not being able to concentrate on anything except your crush/boyfriend/hot person next to you?

In this chapter, we also find out Emma's last name. Now, you could say I'm nitpicking because I obviously already hate this book, but her last name is McIntosh. Is it just me, or does that sound dangerously like Macintosh? Did Banks not realize this, or does she perhaps have a preference for Apple products? Or was this because she had no inspiration? Now, if it's an actual, commonly used name, please ignore this paragraph. Since I live in the Netherlands, I'm not really familiar with American/English/Australian last names. So, if it's actually normal, please correct me.

Okay, this chapter is rage-inducing. We're with Galen and the unnatural writing style again (no, I will not let that go. It's weird.) and he meets up with his sister, Rayna. Then throw a guy named Toraf into the mix. This guy. I hate him already. Apparently he's Rayna's mate, and she doesn't want him. He says that he's followed her around since they were little kids, which is not sweet but creepy. And then, Rayna explains how she didn't want to be mated because it would take her freedom away, and that she told Toraf so. What happened? He became her mate. Now isn't that nice of him. That's not all. Rayna yells at him because of this - which is perfectly understandable, if you ask me - and everyone treats her like a joke or a little kid that's throwing a tantrum. What? Her freedom is apparently taken by a guy she doesn't want, and they laugh it off. This is a serious issue, and they treat her like that? SMH. And even worse is that Rayna will probably fall for Toraf in the end and have a HEA, without ever mentioning this again. And oh my God, it's even worse. Apparently, Toraf had the two of them mated without her knowing of it. This guy is SUCH a jerk, I want to punch him in the face. How dare he do something like that? And Galen is just grinning and thinking that it's funny. I am SO angry right now, you don't even know. Oh my God, I am so angry. I wish they would all die now.

After that there's a huge info dump , and I don't even care because I am still ANGRY. Also, speshul snowflake Emma has violet eyes. And apparently, Galen has 'bonded' with Emma. Which basically means INSTANT LOVE.


  1. BLEH. the instant love is so bad I wanted to puke. And the writing. OH THE WRITING IS THE WORST EVER. It's cliched and so cheesy and ew ew ew.

    Brilliant post! <33

    1. Basically, yes. I was kind of okay with chapter 5, and then suddenly there was insta-love all over the place. And CHAPTER 6. Ack! The absolute worst.

      Thanks <3


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