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Chapter-by-Chapter Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Chapter by chapter review of Of Poseidon!
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Chapter seven and eight

I'll be doing my very first chapter-by-chapter review. Yes yes, y'all. Quite obviously, since I'll be discussing each chapter in depth, there will be spoilers. Beware!

In this chapter, Emma decides she needs to get on with her life and starts getting ready for school. This is also the moment when Emma's mom is being a total jerk to her own daughter. Emma wants to go to school and her mom wants to drive her - which is fine, good actually, since Emma has a concussion. But apparently her mom's reason for wanting to drive Emma is because she thinks she's dating Galen because the principal said they looked 'intimate'. Um, okay? I'm not sure why one would be unable to drive to school because they're in a relationship, but that could be just me. However, Emma's mom is being really quite mean and about to ground Emma for really no reason at all. She's also stubborn and - sorry for saying it - being downright dumb. From what the book's told me so far, Emma is apparently the ultimate good girl: doesn't lie, does do her homework, etc. So why her mother suddenly thinks that Emma is lying when she clearly isn't is a mystery to me. I mean, if she knows her daughter at all, she would know that Emma isn't lying about such a serious issue, right? I do not understand this woman.

After Emma storms off and goes to school, she - inevitably - runs into Galen. When their arms accidentally touch, her blood "turns into boiling water". Once again, I get that someone can be really hot and that you can crush on someone for no reason at all, but really? All her reactions to him seem way too explosive. Also:
I turn to face him. My dreams really do not do him justice. 
His smile could land him a cover shoot for any magazine in the country. 
Emma is starting to remind me of Bella Swan with all her 'he's so incredibly gorgeous, no angel/dream/god can ever be better than him'. Do you know any people who are so incredibly gorgeous that all you want to do is stare at them? That is a serious question. I know some pretty people, sure, but to be honest, I haven't met anyone who's drop-dead-gorgeous. Maybe I just live in the wrong area, though, haha.

Final note: can Emma please stop saying "ohmysweetgoodness"?

Wah wah wah. I think in this chapter - Galen and Emma go to the beach together - I'm supposed to enjoy their conversation - or can I call it banter? - but I really don't. Galen is coming across as a jerk and Emma a naive and blushing idiot. During their stupid conversation, Galen thinks this:

Does she feel the voltage between them, too? Who cares, idiot? She belongs to Grom. Or are you going to let a few sparks keep you from uniting the kingdoms?
Or in other words: doomed love. How very romantic and original. I wonder when all the angst will start.

Then they go to Emma's house so Galen can introduce himself and convince Emma's mom that he and Emma aren't dating. (Fun fact: I accidentally wrote "darting". Now wouldn't that have been an interesting plot twist.) I see a flaw in this plan, but okay. He and Emma's mom shake hands, Emma introduces him, et cetera. The eyes of Emma's mother widen, probably because Galen is unbelievably hot, and she takes Emma upstairs, leaving Galen on his own in the living room. I'm sorry, but is this supposed to be interesting? Something useful better happens now, otherwise this chapter is completely useless.

Okay, something happened, and I want to bang my head against the wall. This book is so stupid. Emma leaves the room and her mom interrogates Galen. He tells her he and Emma are dating so the time they are going to spend together won't raise any suspicion and so Emma's mom won't spy on them. Right. The rest of their conversation basically revolves around whether he had sex with Emma. Right again. Otherwise, Emma's mom is extremely bossy and annoying. I get it, she's trying to protect her daughter, but she does it in such a manner that I;m really starting to dislike her. That could be the point, though.

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